There are different types of diabetes??





80% of Type II cases are PREVENTABLE


Caused most often because of poor diet and exercise.

  • Watch your SUGAR & CARBS
  • Drink WATER (and milk) only!
  • Fruit juice is just as bad as soda
  • Regular drinkers of diet soda have increased risk of T2 of 70%
  • Get active, eat right, Be Limitless.

‚ÄčView our infographic below to see what you can do to prevent and manage your diabetes! Remember - you. are. limitless!

You betcha!  Here are the key facts about Type I Diabetes:


  • The pancreas no longer produces insulin (what turns the food we eat into energy)
  • Without insulin, blood sugar levels continue to rise
  • If not treated can result in: heart disease, liver failure, kidney damage, and/or blindness

We hope that very soon, Type I diabetes will be preventable and curable. That is why 100% of everything you donate goes directly towards diabetes research!


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