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Our mission is to promote both diabetes awareness and healthy living in communities around the nation.


Diabetes is an enormous problem that is rapidly growing in the United States and is severely underestimated. We believe that the only way to help people to change is to inspire them to change.  We want everyone that hears about Limitless to understand that we believe that possibilities are Limitless!  We want to empower people to change their lives and broaden their vision.  


Music by Mike Jones
Lyrics by Brian Parker
Produced in Provo, UT by Mike Jones


Special Thanks to:
Emmett Florence
Nate Baker
Jonathan Juretich

Indiegogo Film


This video sums up what you should know about Limitless. Enjoy!


Spring 2013: Our mission is to promote both diabetes awareness and healthy living in communities around the nation. This video kicked off our campaign.  We were able to raise $2,400!


Music by Passion Pit and The Piano Guys
Produced in Mesa, AZ by
Digital Video Productions


Special Thanks to:
Michael and Lynne Jones at DVP



Over 500 Students, Dozens of Classes, 1 Life Changing Message



Spring 2014: Watch as Limitless teaches kids what it TRULY means to be "Limitless" now and for the rest of their lives!


Summer 2014: Limitless presents to Utah's Future Leaders at their annual Leadership Conference.



"Thanks so much for coming out and talking! The presentation was great!" -EN


"Thank you for all you do!!:)" -SB

The soul never thinks

without a picture. -Aristotle



Check out our pics! Your students have  loved our message! Each student was given a Limitless wristband to always remind them that they're LIMITLESS!

Our Message

  • You are never limited by your circumstances - diabetes or otherwise. You. Are. Limitless!
  • The only thing that can limit us is ourselves; specifically in the way we take care of our bodies and the lifestyle we live.


Spring 2013: We held our first benefit concert that rocked the house! With 3 bands and over 500 in people in attendance, Limitless made its name known in a big way!

Limitless Kick-off

 Benefit Concert



"Pick ONE healthy habit you will start or stop for the next 3 weeks."

  • They say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit.  We challenge your students to put it to the test!  Here is what your students are saying about it!



**"I feel healthier and my basketball skills got a lot better. The sugar was just slowing me down.  I have more energy then before and am not as lazy." -IM

**"It's been going fabulous! I've lost 5 pounds! Haven't felt better!"  -GG

**"So far about my challenge it's going great. I've stuck to water all this time and I feel a huge difference. It was tempting at first. I would see a coke and want to grab it but I got better at it now and it's so much easier just saying no. :)" -EN

What We're All About 

(Previous Events)


Benefit Concert Round 2!

Bigger stage. Sweeter Sounds. The same amazing cause!


We had so much success at our kickoff benefit concert a year prior that we decided to do it again, only this time, BIGGER! We wanted people to know about our upcoming #RideForDiabetes and so we made sure EVERYONE knew!  Check out our pics from the event and who we had perfom!


Photo Credit: Aimee Vargas

Speech at ADA Step Out Walk for Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association is a big fan of Limitless!


After our incredible #RideForDiabetes, the American Diabetes Association wanted us to tell everyone about what we did and how we did it at their Annual Step Out Walk for Diabetes! Watch some of the speech to the right!


For more info on the ADA, click here!


Diabetics, like Katniss, are always fighting for what they believe in!


We had an incredible team of interns from September to December of 2014 that did an incredible job!  The culimnating event was the Hunger Games Premiere they put on!


It's time the masses knew about Diabetes!


November is Diabetes Awareness Month, but few people know that. Furthermore, even few people know that the international symbol for diabetes is the Blue Circle. (Click here)  And so, at Limitless, we decided to change that.  The Y on the mountains of Provo Utah is the 4th largest letter in the world! 


So on Halloween, we made a statement to the people of Utah County and the World.  Diabetes is a real threat and needs to be known!  With over 2,000 Christmas lights, a portable generator and a crack team, we hiked up the 1000+ foot climb and circled the upper left serif of the Y!


"The worst day on the green is still better than the best day in the office." 


We had yet another incredible team of interns this last spring and they planned and ran the first ever Limitless Charity Golf Tournament at Sleep Ridge Golf Course!  The tourney was a huge success!  Huge thank you to everyone who came out to tee off with us!




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