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Dr. Benjamin Bikman

The Bikman Lab focuses on the factors involved in the onset of insulin resistance (the key factor of type 2 diabetes), excess insulin production, and disrupted mitochondrial function and hopes to reveal novel cellular processes that are responsible for fat growth in the course of weight gain.  

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Dr. Jeffery Tessem

The Tessem Lab focuses on identifying the molecular accelerators and brakes that control ​β-cell insulin secretion rate, the β-cell proliferation rate and the β-cell death rate. The ability to increase functional β-cell mass could be used as a tool to cure individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Dr. David Thomson

The Thomson Lab focuses on the pathways that drive LKB1 out of the nucleus which then stimulates the protein AMPK.  Increased levels of ampk will makes cells less insulin dependent and allow for less cell death when cells are energy deprived (such as in uncontrolled T1 or T2).

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Dr. Chad Hancock

The Hancock Lab focuses on metabolic pathways impacted by changes in energy supply and demands.  Factors that contribute to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes are most often a result of a mismatch between metabolic fuel supply (the food energy that we eat) and metabolic fuel demands (the food and stored energy that we burn through activity).

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